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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Cute True Short Love Stories for Couples Make Valentine’s Day 2014 Special

Collection of Top 10 Tiny Love Stories Based on Real facts to Read on Valentine’s Day 2014 with your Partner (For Him/Her)- find the Meaning of True Love in These Beautiful Short Love Stories – Stories to share on valentine eve with boyfriend / Girlfriend

  • It was already 10.15 a.m. and I was cursing myself for not getting out of bed sooner and having to rush to get ready for work. After a rushed morning routine and hurried goodbye kiss to my wife, I somehow managed to catch my usual morning train to work. Sitting in the train, and after surfing through a few news articles on my tablet I looked up to ease my neck straining from constantly looking down. I couldn't help but notice the bored, gloomy people around that could not wait to get through the day sooner than they started. With the trademark indifference that defines one of the traits of my city, I looked out the window when the train stopped at a station. I noticed a couple with a bouquet and cuddling up to each other.

This was not something I saw daily and it made me smile.  Suddenly, I checked the date in my tablet hoping I haven’t missed anything. I hadn’t, but in a second it took me right back to the day when I sat at one of these stations with my girlfriend, now my wife, holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. She had the most beautiful eyes in the world and a smile most assuring. She missed seven trains that day saying each time that she would take the next, not caring a bit about the scolding she would get at home for returning late. We were truly in love. That love was the reason we chose to be with each other. I remembered the time when she packed lunch for me when we were dating. It was the first time she had cooked in her life and she wanted me to be the one to taste it first. I could remember everything from the time we met till this morning when she had that same loving look in her eye when I stepped out for work. I realized how much I loved her and that I was guilty of not telling her off late how much I did. I could have spent the rest of my journey just visiting our memories from the past years, but I said to myself, “Why visit memories when I can create many more beautiful ones?” My work day had just gotten over and I took the next train back home to make her day special.
  • It was a usual Sunday evening after my wife and I came back from a quick trip to the mall. I was talking to my mum while my wife was helping prepare for dinner when her dad called. “Hello, hi dad…” is all I could hear as she was moving around while talking to him. It’s been three years since we got married and I cannot recollect many days when he hasn’t called. It’s like a ritual that he follows every single day. He calls either while driving to work before going to bed.
He is a man of few words. I have never had a phone conversation with him lasting more than one minute. He doesn’t have long conversations with his daughter either, but it is enough to make me realize the love he has for her. The assurance of his daughter being fine and doing well lets him sleep peacefully. It touched not only me but also my mother who noticed her talking to him. My mother told me that’s what a father’s love for her daughter is and how special daughters are for them.
It made me appreciate him all the more and consider my wife lucky for having such a loving father. No matter how old daughters become and what they achieve in life, a daughter to her father is always that little darling with a twinkle in her eye. One who makes him the happiest father in the world.
  • I had just completed my MBA and come back to my hometown to start a new job in an MNC. Life seemed perfect with the new job and a boss who was also a friend from my college days. I visited his place on a couple of occasions and was waiting to pick him up en route to office one day, when I saw a familiar face in a car coming out of the same building my friend stayed in. While it took me less than a second to recognize the person, it also took me back 3 years to a time when I had a crush on this gorgeous girl. At once, an image of her from then flashed across my mind. She was a fair, petit girl with a million dollar smile. Without speaking a word, she could easily have a conversation through those big expressive eyes and gauge what’s going on in your mind.
She also instantly recognized me with those beautiful eyes and gave back the same angelic smile that always made me go week in my knees. She stopped the car and stepped out to meet me along with this man. I had no clue how to react in front of him and wished I just vanished from there. After a long warm hug she introduced that man to me as her brother. In that moment, I experienced feelings of relief, confusion, joy and concern as I could see her holding back her tears from the happiness of seeing me. Irrespective of her status, I fell in love with her - again. We exchanged numbers and over the next few days I learned her relationship with the other guy did not work out. She was aware of my feelings for her then but never had the courage to contact me thinking I would be married or be in a relationship. My feelings for her had never changed and I was the happiest person to have her back in my life. We are getting married this year and I have no doubt I will be the happiest person. Guess when the love is true, nature conspires to make it happen.
  • I had just completed my engineering course and taken up a part time job to support some of my own expenses and further studies as I did not want to burden my mother for such finances. I was diagnosed with jaundice within a few weeks of joining the job and had to be hospitalized for a few days. My mother took me to the best hospital in the city so that my treatment was not compromised and that I could get well soon. I still remember her traveling 20 kms every day to get me home cooked food and staying beside me at the hospital throughout the night. This took a toll on her health as well but that did not deter her from doing what she wanted to. I came back home in a few days only to see tears of joy in my mother’s eyes not caring about her own health. I can never be grateful enough to her for doing what she has done for me and my siblings, and still continues to do so in some way or the other. It is rightly said, no form of love can be purer than the love a mother has for her children. I am lucky to have her as my mother and without her I would never be where I am today.

  • I had been preparing for my MBA entrance exams while working but soon realized the work shifts were taking a toll on me and I was not able to concentrate on my studies. I had to quit my job to study for my entrance exams and join a B-School in the next academic year. I got through the entrance exams and secured a seat in one the country’s better B-Schools. I was willing to take an education loan for the course like many other students. More so, as I did not want to put a strain on my family’s resources after my father’s demise. It was my mother who convinced me otherwise and said she would fund my education and it’s only a matter of two years before I can start earning. Despite all my efforts to convince her for a loan option, she did not let me do so. I saw her cutting family costs in order to pay my tuition fees and sacrifice on so many things while I was away. After competing my course and securing a decent job, I one day asked her why she did not let me take a student loan when lot of students did. Her answer was simple, “Son, I did not want you to start your career with paying off a loan”. This left me in tears and realized how unconditional a mother’s love for her child is.

  • I was waiting for my train at the railway waiting room as I had reached the station a couple of hours before the train arrived. The waiting room was almost full of people when an elderly couple walked in and started looking for seats. The seat next to me was empty so I offered my seat so that they could sit together. The couple was by themselves and was traveling alone. No one had come to drop them to the station. I could not help but notice how lovingly the man held his wife’s hand and her purse in his other hand. He thanked me and made her sit in one the seats and asked her to remain seated while he got them some coffee. Age had no effect on their love and the man had the same love in his eyes that he must have had for her years ago. He also had this mischievous smile on his face that told me they are old only by age and not by spirit. A little while later, the man came back with two cups of coffee and sat beside her. I was sitting where I could see and hear them and to be honest I could not stop observing them. He had a sip from his cup and said, “I added so much sugar but this coffee is not nearly as sweet as you”. This brought a big smile to the faces of most people who heard him say that to the love of his life.

  • A little while later while going towards the train, I asked them how they do managed to keep the love going. Witty as he was, the man retorted, “Son, she was precious to me when we met and she is even more precious to me now”. I got my answer. They were not only with each other but still also appreciated each other’s value which kept the spark in the relationship alive.

  • I was driving to work when my car broke down close to a traffic signal. I had to wait till my local mechanic could come to check the problem in the car. At this point, I saw a beggar- old and fragile whose body had withered away due to hunger and old age. I often saw him at the same signal and would occasionally help him with some money. This was the first time I looked at him so closely and was really moved at his condition. I decided to buy him some food so that he could have a decent meal. I got a meal packed from a nearby restaurant and gave it to him which he quickly put away in his bag. I asked him to eat it while it was still hot and he said, “The joy of eating it cold but with my wife will be much more than the joy of eating it hot but alone”. He blessed me and walked away with the food tucked inside his bag. I realized how much he must love and care for his wife. I could only stand in awe of this man who had nothing except love but was not willing to lose even a bit of it. Life can be hard but love makes the journey easier. 

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Top Beautiful Jewellery to Gift Her on this Valentine's Day 2014

Collection of Best Jewellery to Gift Your Wife, Fiancée, Partner or to Girl Friend - Gold Jewellery for Valentines Day, Diamond Rings, Best Nacelles & Pendants - Buy Online Budget Jewellery for Lover 

Valentine is a precious occasion for all the people in love to celebrate Love. Valentines is not just a day, when roses or chocolates should be gifted. It’s a once in a year occasion to celebrate the love of your life and must be celebrated that way. Jewellery is the first love of every girl and every girl adores her jewellery for life time. But as we all know girl’s are so choosy, what to get for them? Hmm..... So to sought out your problems, we took a panel of girls and asked them to choose 15 Jewellery items each to get down to the best for you. Luckily, most of the girls chose some really unique pieces that were not so bold but were elegant and beautiful. That is what we do to help you out in choosing the most unique and loveable jewelry you can gift your girl to win her heart for life time.

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Best Places in USA for Valentine's Day Celebration in 2014 - Top Destinations

Top Places To Visit In USA To Celebrate 2014 Valentine's Day- Where to Go for 2014's Valentines Day Celebration in USA- Top 10 Activities & Beautiful Romantic Destinations in united States- Cheap Valentine's Day Deals & Packages

February is the month of love - Valentines Day 2014 is here, and spring is just around the corner. With so much of love and cheer in the air, it's an amazing time to plan a getaway and spend a day with the love of your life. But then it’s difficult to pick one among so many places suitable for a Valentine’s Day celebration. We list some of the best places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the US below.

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Cheap Inexpensive Valentine’s Day 2014 Gifts Ideas under $5 for Her

Cheap Inexpensive Valentine’s Day 2014 Gifts Ideas under $5 for Her

Low Budget Happy Valentines Day 2014 Spacial gift Idea's- Beautiful Rings for Fiance, Ear Rings for Wife/GF, Jewellery for partner & Greetings for Her on

It is Valentines and how can Valentines Day complete without gifts. Gifts means a whole in your pocket, but what if you get a low budget? Well, Here are some splendid and beautiful gifts that are under $5 and can make your Valentines Day a special day. Before you think if these gifts are even that good, let me tell you our experts have researched for days to get the best gifts in your budget which your girlfriend would definitely love. So relax and go ahead

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What to write in Valentine's Day Greeting Card for Him/Her – Ideas to Message Your Partner Example

Things to write on a Valentine's Day Card for Boy Friend, Girl friend, Your Partner, Fiance or for your Partner- Messages Examples, Poetry, Cute Quotes & Romantic Lines to Show your Love to Him/Her through valentine's Day Greeting Card- Ask Will you Be My Valentine

It's that time of the year again – Valentine’s Day is around the corner and may be you are already done with your shopping for the day. You have bought the gifts for your date or partner, made plans and confirmed the reservations. Now comes the difficult part. As the day gets closer, you sit down with a Valentine’s Day greeting card in your hand wondering what to write there. As much as you love your sweetheart, it’s not that easy to put it into words. To help you out, here’s a list of suggestions:

Give them the reasons

What better day and occasion to tell your partner why you love them than the day dedicated to love? Since the day is 14th of Feb, look back on the time you started going out, think aloud and come up with 14 reasons as to why you love your partner. It could be their beautiful eyes, their child-like smile, and their taste in books, your amazing chemistry or the way they look when they wake up. Who knows they might be moved to give you their reasons in return!

Write some poetry in Your Valentine's Day Greeting Card

They say poetry is but an outburst of emotions and each one of us is a poet in making. Tap into that poet inside of you and write a short poem commemorating your love. You can look up what a sonnet is (a fourteen line love poem) and how to write one through google or write a haiku, which is a poem of three lines only. Your partner’s heart will surely melt upon seeing so much of love combined into your card and poetry.

Make a diary of love for Your Partner

Since it’s a Valentine’s Day card, it’s already a record of your relationship. Make it more substantive by adding important dates and moments. You can note down the date of your first meeting, first kiss, and first proposal and so on. Make sure to add how you felt and any other detail you remember, otherwise you list will look like an impersonal news bulletin/history record.

Write your favorite love quotes on Valentine Greeting Card for Him/Her

All of us have some favorite quotes on love from books, movies and TV shows. Which ones would you want to share with your partner? That line from Wuthering heights or the dialogue from A Walk to Remember? Note them down and then arrange them in a list. Finally copy the list onto the greeting card. You can also request your partner to share his favorite lines at the end of the list.

These suggestions are, of course, in addition to the personal message you would like to give your partner on Valentine’s day. Expressing how much you love your partner is difficult but very important if you want to see that smile on your partner’s face as he/she reads your card. Using one of the suggestions above or combining them with others will definitely help in making this Valentine’s day special and in strengthening your relationship.
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Monday, 3 February 2014

Top 10 Gadgets to Gift on Valentine's Day 2014 to her/Him

Best Gadgets to Buy for Him/Her on This Valentines Day, Valentines Day 2014 Gadget gift Ideas- Best Mobile Phone, MP3 Player, Camera, PS3, Watches & Google Glasses- Unique & Amazing Gift options on Affordable Price

Not every girl likes flowers, chocolates, cakes, soft toys and mushy-mushy gifts. Some girls like gadgets and sporty things. If your girl is a bit different from other girls and love gadgets more than those lovely-dovey things, then you are at the right place to know what gift option you have for your so special girl. Here is the list of some cool and trendy gadgets which are the best to gift on this Valentines.

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Romantic Rose Day 2014 Facebook Timeline Covers Pics & Beautiful Photos

Collection of Sensuous & Romantic Rose Day 2014 FB Timeline Covers- Top 10- 7th Feb Facebook Cover Photos for Rose Day February 2014 with Romantic, Cute, Lovely & Beautiful Quotes & Captions
ROSE!! The moment we see a rose, the only thing that comes into our mind is Love & Relationships. With the valentine’s weekend just knocking at the door, the first step towards it is THE ROSE DAY. And, when rose day arrives, all bids are at stake. Everyone wants to grab a rose & approach their loved ones, or at least someone they like. Now be it a WHITE ROSE, or a YELLOW ROSE, or the romantic RED ROSE, one thing is guaranteed for sure that everyone loves getting roses. So grab your chance and go ahead approach your loved one with anyone of the roses but with the truest of feelings.

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Happy Valentines Day 2014

On this occasion of 2014 Valentines Day you can share Wallpapers, wishes, messages, greetings related to Valentines Day 2014 with your loved and the special person. Wish you a very Happy Valentines Day 2014.
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