Things to write on a Valentine's Day Card for Boy Friend, Girl friend, Your Partner, Fiance or for your Partner- Messages Examples, Poetry, Cute Quotes & Romantic Lines to Show your Love to Him/Her through valentine's Day Greeting Card- Ask Will you Be My Valentine

It's that time of the year again – Valentine’s Day is around the corner and may be you are already done with your shopping for the day. You have bought the gifts for your date or partner, made plans and confirmed the reservations. Now comes the difficult part. As the day gets closer, you sit down with a Valentine’s Day greeting card in your hand wondering what to write there. As much as you love your sweetheart, it’s not that easy to put it into words. To help you out, here’s a list of suggestions:

Give them the reasons

What better day and occasion to tell your partner why you love them than the day dedicated to love? Since the day is 14th of Feb, look back on the time you started going out, think aloud and come up with 14 reasons as to why you love your partner. It could be their beautiful eyes, their child-like smile, and their taste in books, your amazing chemistry or the way they look when they wake up. Who knows they might be moved to give you their reasons in return!

Write some poetry in Your Valentine's Day Greeting Card

They say poetry is but an outburst of emotions and each one of us is a poet in making. Tap into that poet inside of you and write a short poem commemorating your love. You can look up what a sonnet is (a fourteen line love poem) and how to write one through google or write a haiku, which is a poem of three lines only. Your partner’s heart will surely melt upon seeing so much of love combined into your card and poetry.

Make a diary of love for Your Partner

Since it’s a Valentine’s Day card, it’s already a record of your relationship. Make it more substantive by adding important dates and moments. You can note down the date of your first meeting, first kiss, and first proposal and so on. Make sure to add how you felt and any other detail you remember, otherwise you list will look like an impersonal news bulletin/history record.

Write your favorite love quotes on Valentine Greeting Card for Him/Her

All of us have some favorite quotes on love from books, movies and TV shows. Which ones would you want to share with your partner? That line from Wuthering heights or the dialogue from A Walk to Remember? Note them down and then arrange them in a list. Finally copy the list onto the greeting card. You can also request your partner to share his favorite lines at the end of the list.

These suggestions are, of course, in addition to the personal message you would like to give your partner on Valentine’s day. Expressing how much you love your partner is difficult but very important if you want to see that smile on your partner’s face as he/she reads your card. Using one of the suggestions above or combining them with others will definitely help in making this Valentine’s day special and in strengthening your relationship.
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